When you said those words

Something heavy inside me broke

Later I realized

It was my heavy hear,

Broken and torn into fragments…



In Holidays


I am now enjoying with my sister in my home town. We just watched the movie ‘Split’, it’s about a man named Kevin Wendell Crumbs who has 23 split personalities. The whole concept I suppose was about people having a disease named d.I.D. (split personalities).

The thing I suppose I understood was that each of the 20 personalities were humble and meant no harm but, the other remaining 3 were in pursuit of the greater power and recognition though their divinity the Beast. The Beast would destroy Kevin forever by gaining the whole control. I feel this is the human tendency to be forlon for the power one could achieve.

Anyways, i did end up getting the book and shall tell you about it more, next time. A happy new year to everybody and a merry christmas.


Just Diary

When the parents don’t understand you, you often move on to your second love. my second love are books. Today when my grandmother came by to meet me as the day after i was heading out for a week-long trip, i was in need of money as i wanted to by the new novel by my idol author which was out now and was trending. I just needed a few bucks to complete the cost but, my mom stopped her and made her sit in front of her and told on about how i lost the new jeans(which i had just worn 2-3 times), how i lost the watch my mom had brought, how my dad earns for me and i never care about them, night suits, my classes, my dance class etc. everything was being said bad about. i thought ‘ then why even you have to keep me? just because i am in need of some money? every single freaking thing today, all of a sudden, is being bad mouthed about.’ I couldn’t believe my mom would do so. Just for a book of about 400.

I felt like dying. I am good at writing. Just because of books. Today I am alive because of books. Books have believed me and have inspired me. And today they are being put in the allegations just because I lost a certain thing.

Books are my infinity. My world revolver around them in and never-ending spiral. It is very rare to find someone who thinks like you do.

I hope you all understand me.


Books have always played an important role in my upbringing. Sometimes when we read a book, it fills us with an evangelical zeal, that this shattered nation will never come together until each of the living individual has read this book. Nothing is done by the books. They just create an evangelical zeal that conquers our restless minds in a jiffy. The human tendency is so to the blame. The human minds are often bounded to a restricted area and therefore, in accordance to the philosophical reasons we end blindly believing in every evangelical sentence ever written. The war torn nation has its own conditions to be in the war zone until and unless its rough surface cracks to welcome in the melting pot of stories and an infinite collection of overwhelming stories and heartbreaking poems.

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Sometimes our best and most touching stories and poems ever written are a reason due to the growing turmoil inside us. The saddest poem of ours are not just words but, each word and its philosophical meanings conceal the worst and the saddest moment of our life that we have ever experienced.


Just pin your ears back with the tune

My heart embarks on,


It plays with its heart on vigor

First listening the rules

And then disremembering them,

They dwindle away

With the litters of fragments

Upon the untouched keys of the passion

That loom your manifestation,

Black and white,

As the keen colors

harmonize along with the

Thundering symphonies it crafts,

The fingers lace about the tuning keys

And perish within the engulfing attitude

Of infinite composition,

Acoustic keyboard’s symphony

holds arbitrary yearnings.


My essence shan’t repose

Without meeting the ending tunes

That complete me…

Galloping Away

Galloping Away


Breeze tearing through

The fingers apart

Adjoining the soul inside,

Hair flickering and flew

With the wind, which directed

Every smile and giggle of mine,

Every hop with the gallop

Added only memories in my

Immensely lone treasuries,

The sun shone with me

Smiled and laughed as I cried

With fun and joy

The sun rode with me

Wherever I went

Whatever I did,

It came with me


As  I Galloped Away…